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You must be thinking here’s another parent blog yet again but it’s something I have always wanted to do and recently I have learnt that if you don’t go ahead with things and take risks then I may regret not trying it in the future. So quick introductions – I am mother of three (yes, it’s a complete mad house) I had an idea (The Findme Findme app) and went full force in launching it! I go to work, cook, clean, sort the kids out and market my own app at the moment and I don’t sleep! Well I don’t think any parents really get proper sleep once they have children!

This is my very first blog and my very first content so enough of me rabbiting on about myself.

After the birth of my first child as first-time parents we read so many articles and information about what to do with babies and their development.  Over and over again we kept reading statements about reading to a baby from an early age.  So, we actually started reading to our little one from the age of 8 weeks old, everyday!  You may think babies don’t know anything at this point but they do! They are very clever little things, they hear all the words you are saying and over the days, weeks and months they familiarise with those same words and pictures that you have been pointing at. As babies it helps to stimulate their brain and the more you read and show them pictures the quicker they will learn to recognise those words and pictures.

Our first child remembered all the animals, shapes and the alphabet from an early age and we feel this is all down to reading to her all the time.  We read all types of books and we also trialled the Findme Findme app books on her.  She loved it! And I am not just saying this because it is my app.  When the app was launched she was 2 years old, she was so excited to see who is going to pop out from the book when she clicked on the moving goggles, this part really made it fun for her.  She also learnt all the planets from the ‘Trip to Space’ book which was an achievement for me as a parent and as the owner of the app. It was lovely to see the app achieve the purpose on my own child.  (especially when her 40 year old auntie comes over and is gobsmacked that her two year old niece knows her planets and she didn’t!)

I will have to fish out the video of her remembering all the planets and pointing to each one of them in the app book.

But read read read to your kids, even if it’s a quick 5-10 mins in between chores and work! Trust me I know how hard it is to make time for this but it is well worth it in the long run!

Actually I just found the video just before posting this, its attached here Planets

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