Is your little one settling into nursery soon? And you are feeling worried, nervous, anxious? Yep! I have been through this twice already and it will be a third time by the end of this year.

My parents used to say to me “why are you putting them in nursery?” And I used to reply “because it is good for them!”.  Of course, I did not really tell them how nervous I felt about leaving my precious little girl in the hands of a bunch of randoms and on top of that, being at the other end of London because I had to go back to work.  Trust me I get it! It is one of the hardest things to do.

To this day I still believe it has been really good for them, I only sent them two days a week but I think it was good for the development of social skills, they learn and do a lot more at nursery than at home, of course we have to deal with the constant germs and illnesses that comes with it but again perhaps this is better for them now rather than when they start school – this is just my opinion.  This best bit about them going to nursery is that you start to have a little bit of time to yourself! you start to feel a little sane and not like a tired walking zombie! lol

I used the Findme Findme app of my second daughter, during the settling in period with their permission I took photos of thee carers in her room and put their faces into the app books.  Over those days I read the book to her every day and she started to get her familiar with those faces, fortunately she did not cry when she saw them and was not so overwhelmed by them giving her attention.  It helped with the settling in! and I am not just saying this.  Sometimes you may look for which baby book is best? for learning, educating and maybe even settling into nursery but there are so many, however this app is unique as you can change the faces as many times as you like and make it fun for your little one.

Trust me on this one, give it a go if your little one is settling into nursery soon!